A Guided Approach To Growing Flowers and Food

Our Roots

We met in an MBA class where we discovered that some of the passions we share go well beyond business. We both love food, gardening, and learning new things...how this all brings people together and what it does for the body, mind and soul.

We created Flourish Farm & Co. to make it easier for people to grow and share their own food and flowers - not simply by providing them gardening kits, but by supporting them along the way with what we've learned from soil scientists, horticultural experts, and master gardeners, not to mention the friends and family around us who have been gardening forever.



because life is too short and laughter is healthy.


because honesty leads to trust, 

which ensures integrity.


because humility keeps us curious 

and always learning new things.


because integrity is everything.


because the more different we are, the better 

and smarter we are, not to mention merrier.


because understanding how the world around 

us works leads to a deeper appreciation for that world.